What Goes Well with a White Peasant Skirt?

A peasant skirt is a casual, bohemian item you'll love to wear when you want to convey easy style. Some tops and accessories will maximize your bohemian vibe without going overboard, so choose these items carefully. Your style will be breezy and vibrant without a lot of fuss.

The Right Top

A peasant skirt flares out widely, so to keep your look most balanced, wear shirts that are more form-fitting. Good top choices include tank tops, halter tops and camisole tops. You can wear a peasant-type top, but you run the risk of looking like you're wearing a costume if you do so.

For a white skirt, choose tops in another color for maximum contrast. They can be solid-colored, but patterned shirts (in styles like paisley) work well, too. To keep your look earthy, choose shirts in colors such as taupe, khaki, olive green and brown.

Avoid tunics or shirts with wide, dolman-type sleeves; paired with such a flared skirt, you'll appear swallowed up by your clothes.

The Best Accessories

Your overall vibe is casual, so your accessories should be, too. Choose chunky jewelry in natural stones like coral and turquoise. Costume jewelry is inexpensive and goes with the easy, bohemian feel. If you prefer lighter jewelry pieces, go with simple silver or gold styles, like lariat necklaces and slender hoop earrings. Don't mix and match your silver, gold and chunky pieces. It's best to choose one style and stick with it for a uniform look. Also, don't overdo it with the big jewelry -- choose one big item to focus on and keep the rest of your jewelry smaller and understated.

You can wear a low-slung belt in wide leather. The best belts for this look will have ties that dangle down the side of your skirt.

As for handbags, good choices include fabric or leather bags in neutral colors. Your bag should be slouchy, such as a hobo bag. Good bohemian details that work with a peasant skirt include fringe and tassles.

The Best Shoes

Footwear that goes well with white peasant skirts include flat sandals, gladiator sandals or espadrilles, for women who want to add inches to their height. Avoid pumps or other dressy shoes. Since your skirt is white, choose lighter color shoes such as taupe or brown. However, if you wear a black top, black sandals will look fine.