What Documents Do You Need to Get Married in Las Vegas?

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Couples sometimes get married in Las Vegas on a whim or they planned to get married in the city. Regardless, couples must have certain documentation to make their union legal.

Marriage License

You need a marriage license to marry in Las Vegas. According to the WedAlert website, couples must apply for a marriage license at the Marriage License Bureau on 200 South 3rd Street, first floor in downtown Las Vegas. The bureau is open from 8 a.m. to midnight, Monday through Thursday. The courthouse opens on Friday at 8 a.m. and stays open until midnight on Sunday. There is no waiting period to marry after obtaining a license in Las Vegas.

Proof of Age

According to the A Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, a man and woman must prove they are at least 18 years old. Only one form of proof is needed: a valid U.S. driver's license, an original birth certificate, state ID card, passport, military ID, or resident alien card. A social security card is not required, but may be needed if the bride or groom has not memorized their social security number.

Parental Consent

You can get married in Vegas if you're under 18, but you need parental consent. The parent must be present when applying for the marriage license. If a parent cannot be present, a signed and notarized affidavit showing parental consent is acceptable.

Court Order

Individuals under the age of 16 who want to get married require an order from the Nevada District Court along with parental consent. The court must feel the marriage is in the best interest of the teenager.