What Do You Pair With Steak Kabobs?

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Often cooked during the grilling season, steak kabobs take center stage at family picnics, tailgate parties and outdoor events. Easy to prepare, steak kabobs can be adapted to meet individualized tastes. While the star of the show is the kabob, take some time to plan appropriate accompaniments for the meal.


Traditionally, steak kabobs are skewers featuring steak that also can contain other foods. This commonly results in skewers filled with alternating pieces of vegetable and steak. Common vegetables used in putting together steak kabobs include grape tomatoes, sliced green and red peppers and slices of red onion. Other options include pairing steak on the skewers with zucchini, yellow squash or even okra.

Simple Pairings

Transform any kabob into a complete meal by serving kabobs with rice. Guests can remove the meat and vegetables and create a rice dish all their own by adding sauces, such as soy sauce, for additional flavoring. Another option is to pair steak kabobs with a flavorful salad. The meat and vegetables from the kabobs can transform the basic Caesar or mixed greens salad into a more flavorful and fulfilling meal.

Special Touches

Add additional items to the meal to help fulfill a theme for your menu. For instance, add chunks of chorizo sausage, sliced jalapenos and green peppers to the skewer to reflect a Spanish theme. Serve with side dishes of Spanish rice and refried beans for a complete meal. Choose potato salad, coleslaw and corn on the cob for a traditional picnic or family gathering menu.

Other Considerations

Take the idea of the skewer beyond pairing with sides. Serve tortillas, hoagie rolls and flatbread and encourage guests to build their own meal. Offer a wide variety of sauces, cheeses and condiments. This can include salsa, sour cream and shredded lettuce to transform a steak skewer into a fajita. Options for hoagie rolls and flatbreads include spinach, sliced tomatoes and a variety of cheeses.