What Do I Wear to a '70s-Style Party?

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The 1970s were remembered for disco music, the rise of stadium rock and roll, CB radios and exploitation movies. Some of the most vivid images from the 1970s were the outfits. If you are planning on attending a '70s-style party, then you have a wide variety of interesting costume options to choose from. Remember that accessories were just as important as the clothing in the 1970s.


Many of the hairstyles in the 1970s were holdovers from the 1960s. But there were still plenty of hair options that can be described as part of the '70s look. Guys should wear long, straight hair, sideburns down to the bottom of their cheeks and a large mustache that hangs down to the chin. Girls should wear either long, straight blond hair with a thin headband or a large Afro-style wig.


Most of the pants in the 1970s were tight in the waist and tight down past the thighs. But to capture the image of the stereotypical 1970s pair of pants, you need to wear bell-bottoms. Your bell-bottoms can be either blue jeans or part of a solid-colored leisure suit.


Swirling colors on silk shirts that are unbuttoned down to the waist are common to the 1970s style. Tucking the shirt in, whether you are wearing jeans or a leisure suit, is also required to capture the proper '70s look. The 1970s look for ladies' shirts was a solid-colored silk blouse with elastic in the cuffs that created an inflated look to the sleeves. Solid-colored vests were also popular in the 1970s for men and women, and they are important if you are trying to recreate the disco look.


Cowboy boots or platform shoes were very popular in the 1970s. If you are wearing a leisure suit as your costume, then your shoes need to be the same color as your suit.


For guys, the most popular 1970s accessories were large belt buckles, chain necklaces with large pendants and a comb sticking out of a back pocket. For the ladies, some popular 1970s accessories were glitter makeup, small purses with chains for straps and metallic belts. Sunglasses with circular frames were also popular in the 1970s. If you want to add an extra dimension to your 1970s party costume, then wear four-wheeled roller skates.