What Do Guys Wear to a Royal Ball?

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Every gal wants to nab a prince. If you find yourself on the guest list to something as regal as a royal ball, than you must make sure you are dressed for a fairy tale affair. While most of the attendants will not necessarily be of any notable ranking, wearing a suitable coat of armor will assure you’re the most admired and charming lad in the castle.

Classic Tuxedo

A man dressed in a black tie and tuxedo is the epitome of class, and the obvious choice for a royal ball. While most men don’t have a tuxedo hanging in their closet, renting this garment at a reputable, high-end retailer is highly suggested. Their onsite tailors will customize your look for a perfect fit; and can offer much-needed accessories such as vests or cummerbunds, bow ties, cuff links and crystal button covers for your dress shirt to glamorize the occasion.

Retro White Tuxedo

For a suave and swanky style, opt for a retro white dinner jacket and black trousers with the classic tuxedo stripe down the side of the pant leg. A more contemporary version of the white jacket can include a contrasting black lapel with side pockets, which adds a more modern sophistication. Complementing this look with a pair of black-and-white spectator dress shoes can truly make a man shine, especially if he kicks up those heels on the dance floor.

Tails and Top Hat

If you’re a bit theatrical and have a flair for fashion, a tuxedo jacket with tails and a matching top hat is the look for you. While this style is very popular in Britain and reminiscent of the silent film era, some men may not have the personality to carry such a defined ensemble. However, those that pull it off may choose to add a cane for more of a grand entrance.

Tailored Suit

Perhaps a tuxedo doesn’t tickle your fancy? Choosing to wear a black or charcoal gray slim-fitting suit with a designer tie is the next best choice. Accessorize the garment with a complementing pocket square, fancy cuff links and a tie clip for a well-polished look. Most guys own at least one suit in their life, but a royal ball deserves a luxurious and quality ensemble. It would be smart to invest in a tailored suit that can become a part of your menswear wardrobe, as it will be worn again for weddings, business meetings and dates with princesses.

Military Uniform

If you are a man of the military or have any badges of honor, this would certainly be the perfect occasion to show off your call of duty. Not only do women love a man in uniform, but the notoriety of wearing your stripes will be much respected by every guest at the ball.