What Clothes Look Good With Red Converse on Girls?

Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Converse All Star sneaker is an American classic. First introduced in 1917 as the premier basketball shoe, it has since become one of the most iconic footwear styles in American history, adopted by athletes, rock stars and skateboarders alike. But it's not just the boys who love their Converse -- plenty of girls are fans, too. Red Converse in particular are favorites because not only are they versatile, but they also add a fun shot of color to any outfit.

Fun in the Summertime

Converse sneakers are a smart idea for summer footwear. They're lightweight and cotton, so your feet will stay cool. They also complement many different warm-weather outfits. Red Converse go perfectly with some fashionably faded jean shorts and a graphic printed T-shirt. For a slightly retro outfit, wear them with a pair of cropped white capri pants and a blue-and-white-striped tank top. Top off both of these looks with a straw fedora, a summertime favorite that will shield you from the sun and raise your cool quotient.


If your personal style veers toward preppy, then your red Converse will fit seamlessly into your everyday wardrobe as well. Sport them with a pair of straight-legged corduroy pants or dark indigo blue jeans. On top, wear a pinstriped button-front shirt with a retro sweater vest. Layer with a skinny prep-school-style blazer in navy blue (extra credit if your jacket has brass buttons). Don't forget to roll up your pants to show off those brightly hued All Stars.

Rock 'n' Roll

Converse sneakers have been a staple in many rock 'n' roll closets since bands like the Ramones sported them back in the 1970s, so if you're at a loss for how to wear your red Converse, look to punk for inspiration. Try wearing them with an all black outfit of skinny jeans and tee -- the pop of color on your feet will really stand out. Go in a different direction and try some plaid bondage pants or a skirt instead of jeans. You may be surprised at how many different outfits will go with red Converse.

Party Time

You might not think that you can wear Converse to a formal event like a prom, but it's possible as long as you have the chutzpah to pull it off. If your sneakers are red, pick out a party frock that is in an opposing color, like turquoise blue, yellow or purple. Wear sparkly jewelry pieces that are red to match your sneakers. Bring along a denim jacket or mini cardigan sweater to cover up if you get chilly. And don't forget a tiara! Whether you are voted prom queen or not, you'll be the belle of the ball in your prom dress and Converse.