What Can I Wear for a Hawaiian Theme?

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Hawaiian themes can be used for holiday parties, birthday parties or weddings. When someone chooses to have a Hawaiian-themed event, it is expected that you will show up properly attired. There are several Hawaiian-themed elements available that can be put together in traditional outfits or in a way that allows you to add some humor to the event.

Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian shirts are multicolored garments that have Hawaiian-themed designs on them, such as palm trees, coconuts or hula dancers. If you are not feeling creative or would like a quick Hawaiian costume, a Hawaiian shirt and a part of shorts can do the job. You can always say that you left your shoes at the beach. One convenient aspect of Hawaiian shirts is that they match any pair of solid-color shorts.

Grass Skirts

When you buy a grass skirt, you can choose to get an artificial grass skirt that will last longer, or you can go for an authentic look and get a real grass skirt. To avoid an embarrassing moment, wear a pair of shorts under your skirt. Grass skirts can be worn by women or men, which can sometimes lend itself to a humorous connotation when worn by a man.

Shell Necklace

A shell necklace, like a grass skirt, can either be real or plastic. Real seashells make a distinctive sound when they knock together and having that sound can add to the authenticity of your hawaiian clothing. You can use necklaces with large shells, small shells or a combination of the two.


Leis are necklaces made from colorful flowers. There is a chance that your Hawaiian party host will be giving out leis as people enter the party. But plastic leis are inexpensive and easy to find in any department store. Avoid the risk of not having a lei as part of your Hawaiian outfit by making sure you bring one of your own.