What Are Wristlets?

by Stacey Kole ; Updated September 28, 2017

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Bracelets are worn on your wrist, but sometimes bags are, too. Wristlets are small handbags designed with a strap that you loop around your wrist. Approximately the size of a woman’s wallet or small clutch, wristlets are large enough to carry money, credit cards, ID and a few makeup products -- but not a great deal more. These bags are especially handy for a night out when you need a few essentials, but don't want to lug around a big purse on your shoulder.

Fashion and Function

Wristlets are more than just functional -- they’re also fashion statements. Just like full-size purses, this functional mini bag comes in a variety of finishes -- think brushed metallic, snakeskin, sequins or straw -- as well as simple leather or fabric finishes. Even designers like Coach, Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade have gotten into the action, creating wristlets as part of their handbag collections.

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