What Are the Most Popular Gifts for Women in Their 50s?

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Are you thinking about a great gift to buy for a women in her 50s? This may take a little extra thought because women in their 50s typically know what they want, what they like and how to get it. A good place to start planning is to write down what you know are the woman’s hobbies, passions, likes and dislikes. Talk to members of her family and best friends to get further insight into her tastes. If the event is an extra-special occasion, see if you can organize a group gift so it can cost more and be more extravagant.

Hit the Road

Many women in their 50s have extra time on their hands or have vacation time accrued so they can take advantage of a three to seven-day vacation gift. Vacation gifts are especially popular and desirable for women who have a fancy for travel. A gift to stay at a bed and breakfast in a part of the world she loves to visit is good. Don’t forget about gifting airline miles or frequent flier points to help a lovely woman have a trip to enjoy.

Spa Fun

Women love to be pampered or like to pamper themselves with wonderful bath and body products and services. Spa gifts are quite popular, are warmly accepted and offer the lucky lady over 50 a chance to relax. Spafinder.com offers online products such as pedicure baskets which include pedicure tools as well as soothing pedicure creams and exfoliants. Spa treatment gift certificates are also available and are accepted at thousands of merchants around the country.

Gift Cards

If the woman over 50 has everything or is too particular, don’t give up. Think about giving a gift card. Gift cards can be purchased online for just about any kind of merchandise ranging from designer boutiques to five-star dining, concerts and the theater. Another idea is to have a personalized gift card created for a gift to remember.

Surprise Gathering

Some women over 50 are sentimental and love to bask in the presence of their family and friends. For this kind of women, a surprise get-together is the perfect gift. Many women in their 50s are finishing up raising their children or have children who have moved far away. Arranging a family gathering of children might be the most popular gift you can give. For women who do not have children, hosting a secret gathering of siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles and special friends is also a super gift.