What Are the Duties of a Wedding Coordinator?

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It's your big day and you just realized you forgot to bring deodorant or something blue or clear nail polish. If you hired a wedding coordinator, never fear. It is the coordinator's job to be available for the bride and groom to make all aspects of their special day seamless and worry free. Wedding coordinators may also be called wedding consultants or wedding planners.

Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

The decision to hire a wedding coordinator depends on the wishes of the bride and groom and also the wedding budget. Wedding coordinators offer different levels of service to fit the needs of many budgets and desires of the future couple. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, there are various packages to suit your needs. Wedding coordinators offer full-service planning, which includes having a hand in every detail of your wedding, including vendor selections, assisting throughout the entire wedding day and post-wedding cleanup or rental returns. The wedding coordinator may offer a package that includes pre-wedding guidance to help with wedding-related questions paired with assistance during the course your wedding day, beginning in the morning and ending late in the evening after you have already vacated to begin your honeymoon. Another, more basic, option is wedding day assistance only, where the wedding coordinator will be there for you throughout the entire day but does not offer assistance before or after the wedding date. These packages range from as little as $300 to more than $10,000, depending on the wedding coordinator's experience, the demand for services, the amount of assistance given to your wedding and the location of the wedding. A high-demand wedding coordinator planning a wedding from conception to completion in Los Angeles will cost significantly more than a local wedding coordinator assisting with the wedding day only in a rural town.

Pre-Wedding Tasks

During your wedding planning phase, your wedding coordinator will help you locate hard-to-find items, research decoration or vendor pricing or place inquiries or appointment phone calls. Wedding coordinators who have been in the business for awhile usually have multiple contacts and may be able to pull a few strings to help you get exactly what you want or need for your wedding day.

Wedding Day Tasks

On the day of your wedding, the wedding coordinator is there so that small things, like forgetting hairspray, do not send the bride or groom over the edge. She makes sure you have the things you may have forgotten, attaches boutonnieres, makes sure all wedding party members are in place for ceremony, keeps the flow of the reception on time and deals directly with your vendors so you can enjoy the day without any hassle.

Post-Wedding Tasks

Most new couples tend to head off for their honeymoon directly after the reception. However, someone has to stay behind to clean up, collect any personal items from the bride and groom, return any rented tuxes and gather the wedding presents and arrange to have them sent to the home of the bride and groom. A wedding coordinator will do all of these things, which is great for both you and for your family or friends who, in the absence of a wedding coordinator, may be tasked to do those items instead.


If your wedding coordinator did an outstanding job, it is appropriate to tip him or her if you feel it is warranted. A tip of $50 is very generous, as you have already compensated the wedding coordinator for his or her services. You can tip more, less or not at all. Tipping is not a requirement, as there is no rule set in stone to include a tip for a wedding coordinator. If you are planning to give him or her a tip, it should be given before you leave on your honeymoon. One subtle way to do this is to task the wedding coordinator with tip envelopes for each vendor and include an envelope for the coordinator as well.