What Are the Dangers of Wearing Ugg Boots?

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ugg boots are not only fashionable, they're also comfortable and cozy with a practical flat sole. But just because you're not squeezing your feet into pointy-toe stilettos or mile-high platforms doesn’t mean you're doing your feet any favors. Made of natural sheepskin, Uggs are designed for warmth and comfort, not performance, so wearing your Uggs around the house is ideal. But if you wear your boots outside the house on a daily basis or sport Ugg knockoffs, you could encounter problems in your feet and joints.

Fallen Arches

Be careful not to wear Uggs too often, especially if you have flat feet. While the makers of Uggs say their boots offer ample support with insoles and reinforced heels, they aren't designed for performance. Some doctors say that Uggs lack support for extended walking, causing feet to splay and leading to fallen arches. If you have flat feet, you may be at further risk for stress fractures. Wear your Uggs less often or consider adding an orthotic insert for arch support if you wear your boots outside the house.

The "Daily Mail" reports that leading podiatrists and chiropodists have expressed concern, warning that children wearing Uggs or Ugg-type boots have an increased risk for long-term damage, as their feet are still forming.


Beware of developing the painful condition tendinitis if you wear Uggs while walking on a regular basis. Because they are stiff and flat, your foot may be forced to work harder or put in a position where it receives added stress that can cause inflamed tendons.

Joint Problems

Cheap imitation Ugg boots, which lack insoles and reinforced heels, can be even more damaging to the feet. Foot problems, like fallen arches, can lead to problems in other areas of the body, like the knees, hips and back. Dr. Ian Drysdale, head of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, told the "Daily Mail," "With each step, the force falls towards the inside of the foot and the feet splay. This flattens the arch and makes it drop. The result can be significant problems with the foot, the ankle, and ultimately, the hip."

Driving Hazards

Choose a shoe more suitable for driving than Ugg boots. Bulky footwear, like Uggs, runs the risk of getting trapped under the brake pedal or accelerator. Many accidents are caused by drivers wearing inappropriate shoes or boots behind the wheel, including high heels, clogs, flip-flops or Wellington boots. Keep a pair of flats or other more appropriate driving shoes in your car to change into when wearing this type of footwear.