What Are Some Food for a Back-to-the 50s Party?

The 1950s featured a variety of foods that you can choose from for your 1950s party. Foods in the 1950s frequently combined several different foods into a single casserole dish. They also focused on fruits and vegetables that were readily available in the marketplace.


According to Foodtimeline.org, some popular appetizers in the 1950s centered around fruit. These included fruit cups, boiled grapefruit, and melon ball cocktails. Other popular appetizers included cheese balls and deviled eggs.


Popular soups in the 1950s, according to Foodtimeline.org, included creamy soups such as clam chowder and cream of chicken soup. Vegetable-based soups such as onion soup and tomato soup as well as cream of tomato soup were popular as well.


Casseroles such as ham and vegetable casserole and salmon casserole, were popular one-dish meals in the 1950s. Loafs made of meat were also popular, including meatloaf and hamburger-olive loaf.


It was common to serve baked vegetables in the 1950s. Some of the popular baked vegetables included baked peas with sour cream, baked zucchini, and broccoli mushroom casserole.

Convenience Foods

Food that could be heated up quickly and served was popular in the 1950s as well. According to Cheftalk.com, two such foods came to the market in 1953. These were frozen waffles and the topping known as Cheez Whiz.