Get Well Gift Ideas for Women

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Whether recovering from a surgery or an illness, everyone needs a little pick me up when she's feeling under the weather. A special gift can brighten up her day, making her feel loved and facilitating the healing process. A get well gift doesn't have to break the bank. There are plenty of options for all budgets. It's the thought that counts.


Books require a great deal of concentration that the patient may not have while recovering from an illness. Magazines filled with colorful pictures and shorter articles require less concentration to read. Purchase a magazine about a topic that she likes, whether it's gardening, scrapbooking, health and beauty, photography or celebrity gossip.

A Stress-Reduction Gift Basket

Stress can contribute to the severity of an illness and lengthen recovery time. A gift basket full of relaxing products such as scented candles, bath salts, body lotions and bubble bath can help to calm her nerves and promote a speedy recovery. Add a soft bathrobe and slippers for comfort and a CD of soft, relaxing music. When suffering from an illness, it's common to feel unattractive and self-conscious. Add some pick-me-up beauty products to your basket such as nail polish in pretty colors, a manicure/pedicure set and a complementary shade of lip gloss can help raise her spirits and make her feel beautiful.

Gifts to Stay Warm

When recovering from a surgery or illness, most of us search for our most comfortable lounging wear. Warm clothing such as flannel pajamas, a soft sweater, a bathrobe, a wrap or a good quality blanket will help her feel cozy and comfortable. She will appreciate a nice mug filled with different types of tea to warm her from the inside as well.


Time can pass slowly when a patient is recovering from a surgery or illness. Boredom is a sick person's worst enemy. Help pass the time and raise her spirits with a set of romantic comedy films. Romantic comedies usually have a happy ending that will bring a smile to her face. If she's in the hospital, a portable DVD player with headphones is a good gift that will allow her to enjoy the movie in private without disturbing neighbors.

A Sentimental Gift

If you are purchasing a gift for a religious woman, she might find a framed prayer that she can place by her bedside comforting during this difficult time, especially if she is suffering from a long or painful illness. If she's not religious, a comforting phrase or poem can provide much needed words of encouragement.