Wedding Gifts for Couples Not Registered

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Wedding registries are provided by retail stores to allow engaged couples to choose items they would like to receive as gifts. Guests are not required to buy items from the registry; however, the lists do make it easier for guests to know what to purchase and to avoid purchasing something the couple already has or another guest has already bought. Not all couples sign up for registries. If you need a wedding gift for an unregistered couple, consider items that cannot be duplicated, or gifts that having more than one of would be useful.

Something Homemade

Homemade gifts cannot be duplicated and the time and thought put into them makes them extra special. When deciding what to make, consider your talents and/or interests. For example, if you are handy with a needle and thread, you can make a quilt. If you like to knit, you can make a blanket. Other ideas include a framed painting or print, pottery, holiday tree ornament, or a latch hook rug. You can also personalize a gift using your embroidery skills or create a cookbook by printing and binding a selection of recipes.

Gift of the Month

"Gift of the Month" clubs deliver a variation of the same product to the recipient's home each month for a specified period of time, usually one year. Examples of products offered include gourmet popcorn, desserts, cigars, wine, candy, cheese, fruit, chocolate and flowers. A similar idea is a monthly subscription to a magazine that covers a topic of interest to the couple, such as classic cars, finances, politics, history, home decorating, outdoor sports, travel or cooking.

A Year's Supply

A year supply of a basic household item will save the couple time and money. This type of gift is not only memorable, but it can also be very humorous. For example, a year's supply of toilet paper is very practical and could have the couple laughing so hard they cry. Another idea is a year's supply of the couple's favorite food or drinks, such as boxes of macaroni and cheese, bags of spaghetti, bottles of pop or wine, tea bags, tins of coffee, powdered juice mix, sugar, chocolate, oatmeal or instant soup. Other examples include paper towel, tissues, cleaning products and bath products. As most of these gifts will be quite bulky, consider the couple's space limitations before you buy. Have the gift delivered to the couple's home with a note explaining what it is. If you choose, you can create a humorous poem to go along with it.


If you are unsure of what to get the couple, cash is always appreciated. Generally speaking, $100 is a standard cash gift, but more or less is perfectly acceptable. If you don't like the idea of giving cash, you could get the couple a gift certificate for a home furnishings store or a pair of tickets to a place or event, such as a play, sporting event, amusement park, museum or local tourist attraction. If neither of these ideas appeal to you, consider making a donation in the couple's name to a charity that focuses on an issue the couple feels passionate about, such as cancer, animal rights or environmental conservation. Many charities provide cards or small keepsakes for donors to give as gifts when making a donation in someone else's name.