Wedding Centerpiece Etiquette

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Wedding centerpieces are an attractive finishing touch to wedding decor. In most cases, anything goes when it comes to the style of a centerpiece, though Emily Post mentions that they should certainly be placed in the exact center of the tables. Planners should also keep guests' comfort in mind. Very large centerpieces might prevent guests from seeing and talking with others on the far side of their table.

Guests and Centerpieces

According to Emily Post, guests should not feel free to take a centerpiece home, though some people haven't gotten this message, as it's a common practice in some social circles. If you fear your guests might be inclined to make off with yours, consider choosing an arrangement that's made to be taken, such as a stack of gift boxes or vases of mini floral arrangements. If you've created centerpieces that should definitely not go home with the guests -- such as ones that use your grandmother's teacup collection, or vases rented from the florist -- you could casually pass the word around, ask the DJ to make an announcement to not take the centerpieces or station your wedding planner or another staff member at the door as guests are leaving, reminding anyone taking a centerpiece home that it should stay.