Wedding Announcements Etiquette

The word "etiquette" refers to particular rules of societal behavior that are deemed to be proper. Although there may be a set practice regarding wedding announcements, it's OK to make some variations if need be; after all, every couple is different. A basic wedding announcement should include the full names of both the bride and groom along with the wedding date; additional information such as the name of their parents or where they come from may also be included.


Wedding announcements are typically sent by the parents of the bride, although they can also be mailed by the couple themselves.

Time Frame

Wedding announcements ought to be mailed directly after the wedding, never beforehand.


The wedding announcements should match the design and format of the wedding invitations, which are traditionally on paper that is a shade of white, with letters that are engraved in black colored ink, and sent in double envelopes.


The addresses on the wedding announcements should also follow the arrangement of the wedding invitations; hand-written in black ink using a calligraphy writing style.


The format of a wedding announcement (it tends to vary) includes: the full name of the bride on line one, the word "And" on line two, the full name of the groom on line three, followed by the announcement of the wedding, the date (with the days and year spelled out) and the location.

At-home Cards

At-home cards are the little cards included with the wedding announcement that give the address of the couple.


The purpose of a wedding announcement is only to announce the marriage of a couple; that being said, receivers of the announcements are not required to send the couple gifts (unless they choose to do so).