How to Wear a Leather Miniskirt

by Jennifer Blair
Sarah Winters gives a black leather mini some polish with an elegant button-down blouse.

Sarah Winters gives a black leather mini some polish with an elegant button-down blouse.

When you want a bold, sexy look, it's tough to top a miniskirt -- unless you opt for a leather style, which can catapult you from cool to rockstar in an instant. Pulling off the look definitely takes some confidence and the right complementary pieces; since the skirt is such a sultry item itself, avoid sexy tops that show off too much skin. Instead, pair your leather miniskirt with items that are a little more modest so you look stylish and chic instead of over the top.

Go Polished

Since a leather miniskirt has an edgy vibe on its own, pairing it with elegant, polished pieces can create a striking contrast. Wear your skirt with a simple white button-down blouse and black pumps for a sexy, sophisticated look. You can also pair the skirt with a cropped black blazer and white shell or a fine-gauge, boat-neck sweater. Add sophisticated jewelry like a thick gold or silver chain necklace and small hoop earrings to finish off your look.

Keep It Modern

A leather mini is an ideal centerpiece if you want to create a sleek, modern appearance. Wear your skirt with a fitted black or white turtleneck for a minimalist ensemble. Add black suede ankle booties -- an open-toe pair has plenty of modern flair that fits the look to a tee. Jewelry is best kept to a minimum, so all you need is a pair of simple silver hoops and an unadorned silver cuff bracelet to pull the outfit together.

Go Girly

Since a leather mini has a tough rocker chick look to it, it can be fun to pair it with delicate feminine pieces for a contrast between edgy and sweet. Try your leather mini with a lace blouse in a pale color like white, peach or blush. Add heels with girly details like bows or rhinestone embellishments to keep the look soft, and opt for classic jewelry like a strand of pearls or pearl studs. You can also wear the mini with a blouse that features other feminine details -- think a floral pattern, ruffles or a tie-front neckline -- for the perfect balance of hard and soft.

Keep It Casual

A leather miniskirt is such a statement piece that you may think you can only wear it with other bold, dressy items. But pairing the skirt with relaxed, casual pieces creates a fresh, stylish ensemble. Try wearing your skirt with a simple striped T-shirt or cropped sweatshirt. A denim or chambray shirt can also work well -- tuck it or knot it at the waist of your leather mini for a flirty look. Add a pair of flat ankle boot or your favorite ballet flats to keep the vibe understated and relaxed.

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