Ways to Stop Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a healthy phenomenon that should occur when you are physically exerting yourself or sitting in the sun or in a warm to hot environment. Yet if you are sweating excessively when you aren't doing any of these things, then you have excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. There are number of factors which lead to this condition and it can be uncomfortable, smell bad, be awkward in social situations and can lead to nail infections, bacterial infections and warts and heatstroke. If the remedies below do not help your sweating, see a doctor for further diagnosis and treatment.

Changing Your Diet

According to skrewtips.com, reducing or eliminating meat products or foods that have toxins in them from your diet will help you reduce your sweating problem. Most sweating is a sign of your body trying to release toxins from your body so any ingestion of toxins--through eating, drinking, smoking--will make you continue to sweat. People who have gone vegetarian or vegan have noticed a serious reduction in the amount they sweat from when they used to eat meat products or unhealthy foods in the past.

Calm Down

A large amount of sweating is triggered by nervousness or fear of something bad happening in your everyday life. Settle down in a variety of ways. Try meditation or yoga. Take a deep breath and allow all those fearful emotions to escape or settle down. Sweating is often a reaction to something, so taking the time to settle down and not nervously react to situations will often offset symptoms of stress and nervousness like excessive sweating. Find some time to release those emotions and not only will you not sweat as much, you'll be happier as well.

Bathe Regularly

Bathe regularly as it will reduce the number of bacteria on your skin which sometimes causes you to sweat more. Once or twice a day is sufficient. This will also cool you off and clean out your sweat glands, as keeping your skin clean and clear allows it to breath normally and self regulate its temperature. This leads to less sweating. Bacteria is often a cause of body odor, so bathing regularly also makes you smell better in general, which is a good thing on many social and confidence levels. Boosting confidence can also help relieve stress and anxiety. Solutions to these types of problems are often interrelated.