Ways to Celebrate Adult Birthdays

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An adult birthday offers a variety of celebratory options, depending on the guest of honor's preferences. Unlike kids' birthdays that typically involve a party with games, cake and favors, adults often focus more on low-key options with adult-friendly entertainment. Whether the guest list is long or short, focus on the interests of the birthday guy or girl when planning the celebration.

Surprise Party

If you are planning a party for someone else, consider a surprise party. Planning the details of a surprise party takes careful coordination to ensure the party stays a secret. You also need to be sure the guest of honor is available and that you can get him to the party. Keep in mind that not everyone will appreciate a surprise party. Consider the personality of the person whose birthday you are celebrating to make sure he'll smile when his friends jump out to surprise him.

Theme Party

A theme party keeps an adult party interesting and allows you to emphasize the guest of honor's interests. A decade theme party works well if the person is particularly fond of a certain time in history. For example, you might host a '70s disco party or a '50s sock hop. Another option is a theme based on an activity or interest like a casino night, poker party, wine tasting or game night. Other theme ideas include costume parties, masquerade balls, luau or a movie or TV show theme. Choose activities, decorations, invitations and other party details based on the theme.

Night on the Town

A night on the town with close friends offers an intimate adult birthday party option. Start with a restaurant for dinner that fits your personality. Consider the type of music and ambiance at each restaurant option and how that aligns with your desired tone of the night. If you have a larger party, reserve a room at the restaurant to keep everyone together. Other possible activities for the evening include going to a dance club, bar, bowling, karaoke or back to your house for drinks.

Favorite Activity

For a low-key birthday, celebrate doing a favorite activity. Ideas include a round of golf, shopping, fishing, camping, scrapbooking, sailing or hiking. This birthday celebration idea works best with a smaller group of guests so it doesn't get too overwhelming. Large groups are more difficult to keep together or make room for when participating in activities. Plan a celebratory birthday meal either before or after the activity depending on the timing.