Ways to Get Over an Ex-Girlfriend

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Women aren't the only ones vulnerable to heartache. If you are having trouble moving on because you’re still pining over your ex-girlfriend, it may be time for you to take an active role in getting her out of your system and into your rear view mirror where she belongs. Getting over an ex-girlfriend can help you move on to greener pastures where you are more likely to find your next girlfriend.

Accepting and Letting Go

The first and most important step in getting over your ex-girlfriend is to accept that the relationship is over and let go of your hopes for reconciliation. It is impossible to even begin the healing process if you aren’t willing to acknowledge the relationship’s end or let go of the idea that the two of you may someday get back together. The relationship is over and you need to accept that as fact so that you can get over her.

Terminating Contact

One of the best ways to get over an ex-girlfriend is to terminate any and all communication between the two of you. Keeping in contact with your ex after you’ve broken up will only delay the healing process and in some cases may even prevent you from being able to get over her at all. Immediately after the breakup, cut off all ties with your ex in both the real world and online. Delete her information from your contacts so that you aren't tempted to call or message her, and sever any ties you may have with her on social networks. Just like you would avoid pouring salt into an open wound, you should avoid communicating with your ex until you’ve managed to get over her.

Eliminating Triggers

What is out of sight often eventually goes out of mind, too. Clear your space of anything that reminds you of your ex. Take down and either trash or store any pictures and mementos from the relationship. Avoid going to places that the two of you used to frequent together or anywhere that you may be likely to bump into her. Reducing the environmental triggers that might remind you of her will make it easier for you to get over your ex.

Keeping Busy

Idle time is definitely not on your side when you are trying to get over an ex-girlfriend. Fill your schedule with enjoyable activities that will keep you focused on positive things. Increase your workout regimen, take on a new hobby, play your favorite sport or hang out with your friends as often as possible. The more time you spend being actively engaged in activities that you enjoy, the less likely you are to pine over your ex.


Rely on close friends and family members for support as you work on getting over your ex. If you become seriously depressed, consider seeking the help of a professional therapist.