Ways to End a Relationship Without Hard Feelings

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It isn’t always easy to recognize when a relationship has run its course. With strong feelings, it is only natural to hope for a way to make things work. Sometimes, though, there is no such way and you have to admit the connection is gone. When that happens, ending the relationship with respect is the best way to ensure you can both walk away without hard feelings.

Know When to Call It Quits

Sometimes the urge to avoid hurting a person you care about can cause people to stay in a relationship longer than they want to. Most people can tell when things aren’t right, though, and you might only be extending your partner's misery, according to clinical psychologist Seth Meyers. If you have come to realize this relationship has no future, ending it sooner rather than later is best for the both of you. Don’t prolong the inevitable when you know you are done.

Meet Face to Face

When a relationship has lasted longer than three months, you owe it to your soon-to-be-ex to have the breakup conversation face to face, according to relationship expert Steve Santagati, author of “The MANual.” Even if it has only been a few weeks, consider how you would want to be dumped and try to proceed with the same respect. Often this means an in-person meeting in order to allow closure for you both. A lot can be lost in text messages and emails, so gather your courage and prepare to end things in person.

Rise Above

When a relationship has been particularly volatile, it is often difficult to keep the breakup from becoming so as well. Maintaining the peace, however, may be the best way to part on at least decent terms. Avoid the urge to call names or place blame, suggests dating website eHarmony.com. Even if your ex stoops to that level, rise above by reminding yourself that this relationship is over and you no longer need to get involved with the dramatics.

Remember the Good

Parting on a good note can mean acknowledging the things about your partner that always made you happy. Even something as simple as telling your ex that you will miss the good the two of you had can honor the relationship that is now over, according to Meyers. Take a moment to reflect on the good in your relationship, even while admitting that it wasn’t enough to keep you together. Let your ex know what you valued about your relationship and how thankful you are for the time the two of you got to spend together.