Washing Hair With Tea Tree Oil & Baking Soda


0:07 hi I'm Lindsay Smith creator of food

0:10 mood girl calm and today I'm going to

0:12 show you how to wash your hair using tea

0:14 tree oil and baking soda in order to

0:17 make this shampoo you'll need the

0:18 following ingredients 1/2 a cup of water

0:21 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 4 to 6

0:25 drops of tea tree oil first we're going

0:28 to combine our baking soda and tea tree

0:30 oil with our water I recommend using a

0:33 measuring cup to mix all the ingredients

0:35 in so it makes it easier to pour

0:36 whenever we go to pour it into a little

0:38 container to store

0:57 mix the ingredients until the baking

0:59 soda dissolves once the baking soda and

1:04 tea tree is dissolved in the water you

1:06 can then go ahead and pour it into a

1:07 travel-size shampoo container

1:20 pour some of the mixture onto your hair

1:22 starting with your scalp let it sit for

1:25 about one to three minutes after that

1:27 rinse with warm water and you'll see

1:29 within a few weeks that you'll have

1:31 naturally shiny hair

1:32 tea tree oil is a great alternative to

1:34 dandruff shampoos because it helps

1:36 alleviate any itching burning and flakey

1:38 sensation you may feel on your scalp

1:43 I'm Lindsay Smith creator of food mood

1:46 girl calm and that's how you wash your

1:48 hair using tea tree oil and baking soda