Vintage Hippie Clothing Styles

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Though the days of the 1960s counterculture have passed, fashion has seen a comeback of sorts for the vintage hippie style that personified the free-spirited days of the '60s and early '70s. From bohemian chic styles to classic hippie clothes such as bell bottoms and slim-fit T-shirts, hippie-style clothing can be made incredibly modern when worn just the right way and topped off with the right accessories.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Vintage or vintage-inspired bohemian dresses help you replicate a hippie look. Soft, feminine and effortless -- dresses in light and airy cotton gauze let you experiment with hippie style. Add a headband or floral garland for an extra touch of flower power. Dresses in paisley print, floral print and other whimsical patterns can look groovy paired with the right accessories, such as round sunglasses or a peace sign necklace. Colorful caftans give you a free-spirited vibe as well. Combine these dress styles with faded boots or sandals to accomplish a typical hippie look.

Bell Bottom Cues

Denim bell bottom jeans or cords with a noticeable flare may be all you need to channel a cool vintage vibe. Pair flared, distressed denim with T-shirts, blouses and vests to perfect the look. In addition to '60s-vintage pants, flowing maxi skirts work for a hippie-inspired look. Whether in a solid color such as mustard or a gorgeous floral pattern, pair long skirts with a peasant tops to replicate the trend. When temperatures rise but you'd still like to look cool, denim cut-off shorts give you the basis for a stylish vintage hippie outfit.

Give Tops a Chance

Stock up on a variety of vintage tops so you have plenty of options for stylish hippie looks. Wear a soft, faded throwback logo band T-shirt tucked into a maxi skirt, denim jeans or shorts for a laid-back look. Soft gauzy blouses in paisley and embroidered patterns work for women wanting to showcase the glamorous side of the hippie-inspired trend. Combine your beatnik-look top with a fringed or crocheted vest. For an added dose of carefree attitude wear hip-huggers with a cropped top.

Are You Accessorized?

Accessories can make or break your hippie-inspired look, so opt for add-ons that embody the far-out vibe of this style. Carry a macrame or fringed brown or colored suede bag. Hippie-inspired headbands have made a comeback, and they fit in perfectly with your hippie duds. An abundance of throwback costume jewelry can add some glamor to your hippie garb, making it appropriate for a variety of occasions. Floppy hats, printed scarves and oversized sunglasses add flourish to a fabulous vintage hippie-inspired look.