Vichy Showers in Salt Glow Treatments


0:01 In this clip we're going show how the viche shower is operated. What I want to do, before

0:07 my client even comes in, I want to test the temperature. So, I'm going to turn it on and

0:10 let it get warm before she lays down, because we certainly don't want to shock her with

0:14 a mess of cold water. That is not going to be a fun spa treatment for our guest. So,

0:18 we're going to get it to the right temperature. It feels great right now. We're going to keep

0:23 all of our shower heads in line and we're going to swing it over to our guest. And,

0:28 right now its basically rinsing off any salt that we have on her. So we want to help it

0:34 rinse off. And while this is hitting her, we're going to allow that to be the relaxation

0:44 portion. I'm going to turn on my hand-held operated shower head. Also, I want to test

0:50 for temperature, don't forget, or else you're really going to give someone the shock of

0:54 their lives and they're not going to remember you for your great service. We're just going

0:58 to do small circular movements all over her body to rinse off the salts.