Vegetarian Breakfast Meals

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Providing a nutritious breakfast for your children will not only give them energy to start their day, but eating a healthful breakfast may also help your child pay attention and do well in school. As well, breakfast eaters have a lower risk for being overweight. A vegetarian breakfast may seem difficult to put together, but if you focus on a few main items you'll have breakfast on the table in no time.


Many vegetarians eat eggs, and this can provide a good source of protein to start the day. Add dip mix to a batch of scrambled eggs or omelets for an easy way to add plenty of flavor. or try an egg sandwich topped with cheese and creamy dressing. For the busiest mornings, boil eggs the night before and leave them in the refrigerator. In the morning, bring out the eggs and you'll be one step closer to a finished breakfast. Plain yogurt or cottage cheese sprinkled with strawberries or blueberries is another high-protein, low-sugar breakfast kids and adults love.

If you follow a completely plant-based diet, also known as a vegan diet, you and your family will need another protein option. Tofu offers a good source for protein, and you can easily scramble the tofu, adding your favorite seasonings -- a dip mix works well here, also -- and vegetables. Placing the scrambled tofu in a tortilla will make a good breakfast burrito as well.


Hot and cold cereals often provide a good source of nutrients, but you may want to avoid giving your family cereals with high sugar content. Instead, focus on cereals rich in fiber, adding berries or bananas with a sprinkling of sugar or sugar substitute.

You can also use whole-grain breads for the main focus of the meal, such as dipping slices in a beaten egg to fry or bake for French toast. Puree banana and add milk, vanilla or other flavorings, then dip the bread into the mixture. Pancakes and waffles will also provide a healthy, vegetarian start to the day. If you want to reduce or eliminate sugared syrups, try adding fresh fruit and a dusting of powdered sugar over the top of French toast, waffles or pancakes.


To accompany the main focus of your breakfast you may want to have slices of fruit such as strawberries, kiwi or melon. You can prepare the fruit the night before to simplify your morning routine. Hash browns made from freshly grated potato or frozen potatoes also offer a good choice for a breakfast side dish.


A glass of milk, whether cow's milk or a dairy alternative such as soy or almond milk, will provide a good source of calcium. Offer juice with breakfast, but you may want to look for brands that contain only juice and do not include extra sugars or other additives. If you like to start your day with coffee, grab a cup and sit down with your family to enjoy the beginning of your day.