Vegas Weddings on a Budget

Las Vegas weddings can be beautiful and romantic if they are well planned. You can have your dream wedding without spending too much. And the great part is, when the wedding ceremony is over, you get to celebrate in Las Vegas.


The time of year that your wedding takes place can have a major impact on your budget. If your schedule permits, hold your wedding ceremony on a weekday. Weekends are when most tourists visit Las Vegas, driving up rates for rooms as well as chapels and other wedding sites. Also, before planning your wedding, check to make sure there are no major conventions or other large events scheduled for when you want to have the wedding. Conventions and other large events can boost hotel rates drastically.

Also, avoid major holidays like Valentine's Day or New Year's Eve, because such dates are among the city's busiest. Not only will chapels and other wedding sites be crowded, their prices will be higher. If you don't mind high temperatures, consider having your wedding in the off season. Because Las Vegas is so hot in July and August, many hotels and flights are cheaper.


Planning is important. There are hundreds of wedding chapels in Las Vegas. In addition, many hotels will host wedding ceremonies. Generally, wedding chapels are the cheaper option because you don't have to pay to rent the space. Either way, there are packages in different price ranges. Some sites offer photographers, videos and live video feeds of your ceremony for family and friends to watch at home.


Because Vegas is known for hosting impromptu weddings, you can find most wedding attire quickly and easily in the city. Places such as offer wedding-dress rentals, tux rentals and gown-and-tux packages.