Valentine's Games for Kindergarten

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Your students have completed the Valentine's gifts for their parents, learned a little about why this day is celebrated, and now it's time to party. Well-planned games will sweeten your kindergarten class' Valentine's Day party. Fun and simple games will also help burn off some of the energy that builds before special days. From a Valentine themed scavenger hunt to a variation of pin the tail on the donkey, a variety of games will help keep even the shyest of children engaged. To increase motivation, award prizes, such as Valentine’s candy, stickers and character pencils. Once you've made your supplies list, a trip to your local retail or dollar-type store will have you off to a good start for a memorable class party.

Heart Hunt

Create a heart hunt by cutting heart shapes out of several pieces of paper. Take each heart and cut it down the middle using a different pattern for each one. Scatter the heart pieces all over the classroom and have your students select a half a heart. The object of the game is to see who can find the person who has the matching half of the heart. The first two players to find a match win a prize.

Chocolate Kiss Jar

Fill a clear glass jar with chocolate kisses. Let each student have a piece of paper to write her name and her guess as to how many kisses are in the jar. The student who comes closest to the correct number of kisses wins the jar of candy to take home. Other candy you can put in the jar includes conversation hearts and red hot cinnamon candies.

Valentine Puzzles

Print colored Valentine pictures and tape them on a piece of cardboard. Cut each picture into puzzle pieces. Divide the kindergartners into groups of three or four and have a race to see which group can complete the puzzle the fastest. If you have enough puzzles, let the students race to do the puzzle individually. Award prizes to the winners. Place the puzzles in a zipper bag so the students can take them home at the end of the day.

Pin the Heart on Cupid

Make a large poster depicting the arrow-shooting, cute little cherub named Cupid after the Roman god of desire, attraction and affection. (No need to get into Roman mythology.) Print several red hearts. Write each student’s name on a heart, and put double-sided tape on the back of the heart. Blindfold each player, and spin him three times. Tell him to try to pin the heart on Cupid. The player who puts the heart closest to the correct spot wins a prize. Another variation is to play with a heart and arrows. Hang a red heart on the wall and let the student try to pin the arrow directly on the heart.