Valentine's Day Gifts for a New Boyfriend

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Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year and has been for centuries. When you are in a new relationship, it is easy to go too far with gifts, putting a lot of pressure on your new boyfriend to come up with a gift of the same magnitude. This puts unnecessary stress on the relationship. Here are a few tips for simple, romantic gestures for new boyfriends that won't put pressure on him to be anything more to you than he is.


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Men like to eat. A nice treat of cookies or candies might make a sweet treat for him. Most grocery stores sell heart-shaped cookie pans or cookie cutters to give your treat a Valentine's Day look. Other nice ideas might include a romantic dinner, a nice picnic, personalized fortune cookies or simply his favorite candy bar. Adding a note to your treat with a cute saying, such as, "Sweets for the sweetest guy," might seem corny, but it will get a smile or a chuckle out of him and will make him remember that gift for years to come.


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Buying him his favorite CD or making him a mix music list of songs from your first couple of dates will let him know you do pay attention and remember details from when he talks. You might take the songs and make them into a computer-generated video compiled with photos of your first date and other romantic photos. This will give him a lasting gift for years to come. If your new boyfriend is a musician, a piece of sheet music by his favorite composer is a nice gesture to show your interest in his talents, making him feel appreciated.


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Buying him a copy of his favorite movie on DVD might be a thoughtful gift for the video enthusiast. Buying the movie you went to on your first date on DVD will show him you remember that date and hope to relive it again soon. A small basket with a couple of movies, a bottle of his favorite soda and a bag of popcorn might make him inclined to invite you over for a nice movie night, ensuring the possibility of another date very soon. Also, if you share a specific interest with him, such as old movies, a specific book or even football, buying a video of something in that interest could be a great idea for a gift for your new boyfriend.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts give your new boyfriend something remember you by for years. Putting a funny quote he said on your first date or even a funny misquote he said on a key chain is a simple gift to give him. This may take a little more planning because most engravers need at least a couple days to complete, some malls have kiosks with on-the-spot engraving. Even both of your names and the date of your first meeting on a nice ink pen makes a very romantic gesture for Valentine's Day and will possibly be something he will keep and use for a long time.