Valentine Gifts for Students From a Teacher

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Valentine’s Day is more than a celebration of romantic love; it is an opportunity to show others that you appreciate them. As such, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for teachers to recognize their students’ hard work and good behavior. When choosing Valentine’s gifts for your students, choose items that will also provide educational value as well.

Activity Books

No matter your students’ grades, activity books make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift, as they are fun and can help improve skills used in the classroom. Choose a book with crossword puzzles or games like Sudoku. You may even purchase activity books with fun word problems or other fun games for a math class. If teaching a language arts class, choose an activity book that enhances spelling or writing with fun games.

Movie Viewing

Give your class the gift of relaxation with an in-class movie viewing of a kid-friendly documentary pertaining to class curriculum on Valentine’s Day. If you’d like to take a break from curriculum, choose an age-appropriate love story for your students instead. Bring in Valentine’s Day candy or healthy snacks in the shapes of hearts for your students to enjoy during the movie. You may also bring in red and pink-colored popcorn, which your students can eat during the film.

Gift Baskets

Give your students fun Valentine’s Day gift baskets. Include candy or healthy snacks, along with small card or board games. You may also place age-appropriate toys into the gift basket as well. Unique items like fuzzy slippers or beanies in the school colors will also add to your Valentine’s Day gift basket for your students. Decorate your gift baskets with each student’s name, as well as your class name and year for a personalized touch.

Personalized Tee Shirts

Use your student’s class photo to have personalized tee shirts created as a Valentine’s Day gift. Decorate the tee shirt with your class or school colors and have the class photo imposed on the front. Have your classroom motto and year written on the back. You may have the tee shirts decorated as football jerseys and add the last names of each student to the back of the tee shirt for a personalized touch.