Valentine Gifts for Sons

Valentine's Day is the holiday that's made for celebrating love. On this holiday, thousands of chocolates are eaten, cards are sent and cheeks are kissed. Buying a gift for your sweetheart is fairly easy. However, buying for your son is a little tougher. No mushy, embarrassing Valentine's Day gifts will do. Be creative and surprise your son with a personalized, age-appropriate gift he'll be glad to receive.

Learning Toys

Give your son the moon with some of these gifts from the Discovery Channel. He can hang the remote control "Moon in My Room" on a wall or door. This 10-inch plastic moon has a sensor that triggers the illumination when it's dark out. Discovery's Moon goes through the 12 lunar phases and features an accurate topographical surface. It comes with a manual and a guided moon tour on CD. Other out-of-this world gifts he'll love are the Discovery "Ultimate Star Planetarium" and the "Robot in My Room." The Star Planetarium shows 88 constellations and shuts off automatically after an hour. Discovery's Robot chats every time a coin is dropped in. Besides being a talkative bank, he's also an alarm clock and a room guard. This motion detector also warns unwanted visitors in the room to leave. Learning toys are great for school-age children.

Food Gifts

Give your son some delicious fun food snacks for Valentine's Day. Buy him a snazzy new backpack and stuff it with treats. Besides his favorite granola treats and baked chip treats, give him some Valentine's inspired candies, too. Or use an extra basket you have on hand and tuck it full of your son's favorite candy bars. Stuff the bottom with newspaper, then top it with tissue paper. Stand the candy bars up and wrap the basket with cellophane. Wrap it all up with Valentine's ribbon. Your son might like a gift card from his favorite fast food restaurant. Tuck it inside a box of chocolates with a little note from you. Food gifts will be most appreciated by teenage boys.

Classic Board Games

Wish lists at Christmastime are usually full of requests. Kids want the latest video games and electronic gadgets. Valentine's Day is the perfect time to introduce your child to a classic board game. Wrap a favorite board game from your childhood and spend some time with your son. Choose from games like Scrabble, Aggravation and Battleship. Other fun games you could play together are chess, checkers and Yahtzee. Buy some red wrapping paper and wrap your gift before presenting it. Use red ribbon to dress up the package and add a personal note. Keep it short and sweet. Remember boys, big or little don't like sappy cards. Classic board games are the perfect gifts for boys between the ages of 8 and 12.