Valentine Gifts for Police Officers

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If your significant other or a family member is police officer, prepare a special Valentine's Day gift that the officer can use on the job--or enjoy during off hours. Police work is a stressful, time-consuming job that requires adequate periods of rest and introspection to continue. Honor the public servant in your life with a memorable, thoughtful Valentine's Day related to this important job.

Chocolate Police Kit

Buy a police-themed chocolate kit that includes chocolate police badges, miniature officers, handcuffs, and radios. You can buy these specialty chocolates from online vendors or try to make them in your own kitchen by buying chocolate molds. Place them in a decorative chocolate or candy box with a removable top. Your officer can take them along in the squad car.

"Police Love" Jar

Make a "police love" jar by filling a mason jar with little notes about why you love your officer. For example, you might write messages such as: "I love you because you are strong," "I love you because you catch all the bad guys and keep us safe," "I love you because you know how to drive a police car really fast." You can make these silly or serious. On the front of the jar, paste a label that reads: "25 Reasons I'm In Love With A Police Officer."

Relax & Rejuvenate Box

Help your police officer relax after a stressful day at work and remember your love with a special Valentine's Day box filled with "rejuvenating" items. For example, you might include favorite snacks, a favorite DVD movie or television show, a microwaveable bag of popcorn, favorite candy, a six-pack of favorite beer, a special beer mug with a police officer saying like "You're under arrest!" and a pair of pajamas bearing a police theme. Include a greeting card with a cute poem such as the following: "I know you've had a hard day fighting crime. Use the items in this box to relax and unwind."