Valentine Gifts for Men Who Are 41 Years Old

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A man over 40 years of age has seen his share of Valentine's Days; however, that does not mean that he cannot be impressed or surprised by your selection of a Valentine's gift for him. The trick to pulling this off will be thoroughly researching his interests, hobbies, life history and past Valentine's Day gifts to find something for his 41st holiday. The traditional gifts of candy and a cute or funny stuffed animal will not do the trick because he has likely received many variations of this over the years. Choose something unique and special that you feel confident will catch him off guard and likewise be a hit.

Old Photo

If you have been with the man for many of his 41 years, dig out an old photo of the two of you when you first began dating. If not, then find an old photo of him in his youth. An attractive photo of him as a young man posing as a "stud" in front of his first car, or something to that effect will be ideal. Put the photo in a quality frame. For a vintage and romantic touch, use lipstick or red paint or marker to write a short, romantic message on the picture. A simple "I love you" will likely do the trick. This gift will not only be thoughtful, romantic and nostalgic, but also unique and inexpensive.


Instead of going the romantic route, try the thoughtful path. Choose one of his hobbies, such as golf or fishing, and use that as inspiration for his gift. A gift certificate for a round of golf or a bucket of golf balls at a driving range will likely be a big hit. If his tackle box is a hodgepodge of tangled lures and hooks, purchase a new tackle box. Organize and clean all his current lures and place them in the box, along with a few new ones. These thoughtful and carefully chosen gifts may not scream romance to you, but they could be deemed extremely romantic by him.

Day Trip

Often life can become monotonous and routine, making holidays the perfect opportunity to shake things up. Plan a local day trip for the two of you, capitalizing on all the available outlets for entertainment in your area. This could include a trip to an aquarium or butterfly conservatory, a trip to a vineyard or brewery for a tour and tasting, or a simple picnic in the park with an extra loaf of bread to feed the ducks. Planning and organizing the day's details will likely create a well appreciated break from the norm where the two of you can spend some romantic quality time together.