Valentine Day Gifts for Teen Boys

Deciding on a gift to give your teenage boyfriend or son can be a difficult task. Many expressions of love offered on Valentine's day, such as stuffed animals, chocolates or flowers can seem "girly" or not quite appropriate. However, there are several things you can do for your teenage boyfriend or son to show you love and appreciate him on this special day.

Mix CD

Make a CD of songs that mean something to you as a couple or songs you know he will like. Type up a list of the songs on your computer and print it out to go with the CD. If you're extra-creative, purchase a CD label-making program and create a CD label with a design you've drawn, a picture of the two of you, or your family.

Movie Passes

If your boyfriend or son loves the movies, get him a pass to the movies from your local theater. If your local theater doesn't make these passes, draw a ticket on a piece of paper and write or type something like "This ticket entitles you to one free movie date to a film of your choice plus popcorn and a soda."


Make a collage of pictures of the two of you on poster board, or frame a favorite photograph of the two of you. Then get crafty with the frame! Go to the scrapbook aisle at your local craft store and pick out things like page pebbles, glitter and letters to put on the frame. You can even cut out quotes and glue them on the frame, or spell out your names on the frame.

Care Packages

If your boyfriend isn't near you or you're planning on sending something to your teenage son who's away at school, consider a care package. Pick out a sweet Valentine's Day card and fill your box with candy, small gifts (like a mix CD or a baseball hat), magazines, photographs, and hot chocolate.

Tickets to a Sporting Event or Concert

Start scouting out his favorite band's next stop in your hometown, or find out when his favorite team is playing near you. Purchase a pair of tickets to the event in advance, and place them in a small jewelry box. Wrap the box in pretty Valentine's Day paper.