Valentine Card Sayings for Kids

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Valentine's Day is a holiday associated with love, positivity and gifts like roses, chocolate and cards. In the classroom, this holiday is typically commemorated with a class celebration and the exchange of valentines between students. Help your child create Valentine's Day cards that stand out from those of his classmates through the use of clever, interesting sayings.


A creative way for children to fill the inside of their Valentine's day cards is with clever rhyming poems. These poems should be relatively short in length, only about four or six lines. Give children a prompt, such as "Roses are red, violets are blue" and encourage them to come up with different rhyming variations to finish the poem. These can be tailored to any recipient, from classmates to siblings, parents and grandparents. For example, the ending of the poem "Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and I love you" can be changed to "just like you" or a similar variant if the valentines are for the child's classmates or friends.


Large stickers or construction paper cut-outs of animals can be used to create clever Valentine's card sayings for kids. For example, children can pair an image of a kitten with the line "You're purrrfect for me" or a bumble bee with a simple saying such as "Bee mine." Any animal can be used as long as you can play on its actions or characteristics in a similar fashion. Children will get a kick out of experimenting with drawing Valentine's day-themed animals, such as white kittens with red ribbons wrapped around them or pink and red, instead of black and yellow, bumble bees.


Kids can also use Valentine's Day sayings based on props. Have children glue a dried bean or corn kernel to the inside of their card and pair this with a humorous saying such as "Please bean my Valentine" or "Not to be corn-y, but will you be my Valentine?" The craft website Kaboose recommends gluing a For Sale ad from a newspaper to the inside of the card along with a saying like "You're priceless" or attaching sections of satin and sandpaper with the phrase "You're a smoothie, never rough on me." Encourage the children to experiment with various props and phrases to come up with their own unique combinations.

Card Ideas

While many websites offer free Valentine's Day card templates for kids and you can purchase pre-made valentines in stores, hand-making valentines is a thoughtful, fun activity for children in the classroom and at home. Provide the children with glue, safety scissors and construction paper in Valentine's Day-themed colors, such as white, red, pink and purple. A wide variety of decorating supplies can be used as well, like glitter, craft jewels, lace, paint, felt and markers. If possible, help them make more complicated card designs, such as pop-up cards or oversized heart cut-outs.