Upbeat Birthday Songs

birthday image by Photoeyes from Fotolia.com

If you are planning a birthday party for a friend or loved one, you want to make sure that everybody is enjoying your musical selections. While you can look forward to singing the well-known “Happy Birthday” song when the cake comes out, there aren’t many other obvious upbeat birthday songs to choose. Make this birthday a memorable one for your birthday guy or girl by using a few unique and up-tempo birthday songs.

"Today’s Your Birthday" by Celeste Belletti & Rosemarie Bondi

This birthday song was composed by a pair of best friends named Rosemarie Bondi and Celeste Belletti for another friend’s birthday party. Before they knew it, everybody began singing their upbeat song and they made their own CD for it. The song has an upbeat electronic polka beat and has catchy lyrics. Play it for your guests a few times before the birthday celebrant arrives so that they can sing it out loudly and clearly. The song is available for download at the CD Baby site.

"Birthday" by the Beatles

This may be one of the most famous birthday songs that is not the classic “Happy Birthday.” Birthday is a catchy song by the Beatles that everyone in your party will enjoy. Many guests will know the lyrics of “We’re gonna have a good time” and “You say it’s your birthday” and they will sing along. This is the kind of song you can play at the party several times without the guests getting annoyed because it is so iconic. The song is available for download on all major MP3 websites.

"Happy Birthday" by Altered Images

The song Happy Birthday by the band Altered Images is a goofy early 1980s hit that is perfect for a birthday party. The song features an odd female lead singer, a fast-paced guitar in the background and it is strangely catchy. The song works well for birthday celebrants who grew up in the 1980s and might remember this one-hit wonder. The song is available for download on Amazon and the lyrics are available on Lyrics Download.

"Happy Birthday" by Stevie Wonder

This classic Stevie Wonder song features his upbeat R & B rhythms in a song that has a chorus that essentially sings happy birthday. The song is truly a song about African American rights and Martin Luther King, Jr., but there are few songs that include such a groovy dance feel that include a “happy birthday” in them. If you are interested in cutting up the song, you can always simply take out the chorus and mix it in with another song as well. The song is available for download on the major MP3 sites and the lyrics can be found on Lyrics 007.