How to make up after a fight

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Fighting is a natural element of relationships. From parent and child tiffs to marital disagreements, fighting is something that two people in a relationship have to deal with from time to time. Knowing how to make up after a fight helps to ensure that the disagreement is put into the past. Then both parties in the relationship can move forward.

Step 1

Take time to be silent for a while to calm down. Whether it takes a few minutes, a few hours or even a couple of days, make sure that you have completely regrouped so that you can approach the other person in a calm manner to begin the process of making up.

Step 2

Apologize to the other person. Approach the person and say the words "I'm sorry." Make sure to have time available to discuss the fight if the other person wants to determine the reason for the disagreement.

Step 3

Write in a notebook or journal a specific apology if you were the one who caused the fight. Then read over what you wrote and use the journal as a guide to make a more distinct apology to explain your feelings and to show that you were in the wrong.