How to Unwrinkle Your Suit at Home

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Well-tailored suits are wardrobe staples for many working professionals. While some suit materials stand up well to everyday wear, others -- particularly cotton and linen suits -- wrinkle almost immediately, making a second wearing impossible. Although a dry cleaner can remove the wrinkles, the process is costly and unnecessary if the suit isn’t dirty. Instead, use a garment steamer at home to remove suit wrinkles and maintain a polished business image.

Step 1

Fill a garment steamer with cold water as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions. Steamers have a water tank that contains a maximum fill line. Do not overfill the steamer or hot water may shoot out dampening the suit or causing injury.

Step 2

Plug in the steamer to an electrical outlet and let it sit for one to two minutes to allow the water to heat up.

Step 3

Hang the suit jacket on a hanger and place it in a location that is easily accessible. If the steamer has a hanging hook, place the jacket hanger on it.

Step 4

Pick up the steaming wand and place it at the top left shoulder of the suit jacket. Move the wand in an up-and-down motion, focusing on a 6-inch section at a time until no wrinkles remain. Continue working your way downward until the entire left side is wrinkle free. Move on to the right front side of the jacket and steam out the wrinkles using the same method.

Step 5

Insert a hard flat object, such as a plastic cutting board behind one lapel. Hold the steaming wand over the front of the lapel and move it in a slow up and down motion. Repeat the process on the other lapel. The hard object creates a crisp, pressed look. Some steamers come with a special pressing board for this purpose.

Step 6

Turn the jacket around and steam the back of it using the same method and working your way from the top to the bottom. Grasp the bottom of the jacket as you steam to create tension, which helps remove wrinkles.

Step 7

Move the jacket to another location that receives good airflow.

Step 8

Hang the pants by the waistband on a hanger. If you prefer the look of creases in the pants, grasp the front and back center of the pants and pull outward to fold the legs together. Hang the pants on the hanger in this position.

Step 9

Position the steamer at the top waistband of the pants and move it in an up-and-down motion focusing on a 6-inch section. Repeat the movement to remove wrinkles all the way down the pants leg. Flip the hanger over so the other leg is accessible and repeat the process.

Step 10

Turn off the steamer and allow the suit to dry for five minutes before hanging it back in the closet.