Unusual Ways to Display a Fruit Platter

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Having an eye-catching food presentation at a special event, such as a wedding or retirement party, helps make the occasion extra special. Rather than presenting food uniformly in chafing dishes and platters, caterers are getting more creative with their food displays. Fruit displays in particular can easily be presented creatively, as most fruit can be cut, shaped and designed in a variety of ways.

Fruit Flowers

Wow guests with a picnic basket full of what looks like flowers from afar. Up close, it will actually be pieces of fruit carved to look like flowers. Fruits such as those in the melon family are especially suited for being carved. Pineapples, strawberries and blueberries can also be used to create a flower look. If you're not particularly skilled with a knife, ask an artist friend to help you turn your fruit into a bed of roses.

Fruit Cornucopia

Another appetizing way to present fruit is to have it cascading out of a wicker cornucopia. This presentation especially works well in the fall months, as cornucopias are seen most during the Thanksgiving holiday. Include grapes on the vine, as they can easily create the cascading look. Small berries also work, as they can be made to look as though they have just spilled out of the cornucopia. Incorporate strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Sliced oranges add a citrus twist.

Match Fruit to Theme

If you're catering a Fourth of July party, design the fruit platter to look like the American flag. Alternate between strawberry and banana slices, and design a square of blueberries in the upper left corner. For a children's party, make fruit look exciting by designing a mountain of fruit with a crater at the top filled with chocolate sauce. For a wedding that has a specific color theme, try to match the fruit to the decor. For a wedding with a red and gold theme for example, display strawberries and peaches prominently.

Fruit Animals

This presentation works especially well if the platter is for a children's party. If you've got artistic skills with a knife, carve and stack oranges to look like birds with grapes for the eyes, carve scales into cantaloupe and honeydew to look like fish, make little mice out of large strawberry halves and use apple slices for ears and raisins for eyes. Shape a watermelon to look like an owl. If you're not that artistic, enlist an artistic friend to carve the fruit into animals for you. This platter would also work well if you were catering for some type of animal fund-raising event or at a zoo.