Unordinary Baby Shower Games

Barry Austin/Photodisc/Getty Images

With the increasing popularity of co-ed baby showers and less traditional baby shower themes, there is a growing demand for unconventional baby shower games. The days of baby shower bingo are slowly going out of style. Thankfully there are a number of baby shower game ideas that are breaking the mold.

Pregnant Twister

Mix things up at your next baby shower by hosting a game of pregnant Twister. With the mommy-to-be judging safely from the sidelines, encourage your guests to strap a weighted fanny pack and a pillow around their waists. If you are having a co-ed party, this is a good one to let the guys play too. Let the fun began as your guests play a game of twister following the standard Twister rules. To makes things more challenging, incorporate wrist and ankle weights into the game. This is a great opportunity for the mommy-to-be to take embarrassing photos of her guests that she can always treasure.

Baby Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is that silly game we played as children at birthday parties. Recreate the familiar game by organizing a round of baby musical chairs. Set up a circle of baby strollers, high chairs, toddler chairs, bouncers or jumpers. Give each guest a baby doll and make sure there is one less baby chair then there are guests participating. While the music is playing each guest will walk in a circle around the assortment of baby accessories, but once the music stops, each guest will have to place their baby in a chair. Whoever is left standing with a baby doll is out of the game. Continue removing chairs until you have a winner. To keep things fun, put together an assortment of songs with “baby” in the title to play during the game.

Relay Race

A relay race is a fun idea for an outdoor or co-ed baby shower. Set up a series of stations for guests to complete. Begin with a stroller obstacle course that guests must navigate without hitting any obstacles. Use weighted baby bottles and plastic toys to litter the course with. Follow with diaper changing stations with baby dolls in waiting. Guests will have to successfully change the diaper before proceeding. Add extra requirements such as the use of baby wipes and baby powder to make this more challenging. Finally end with a tricycle race to the finish line. Divide your guests into competing teams and make sure the mommy-to-be is judging comfortably from the sidelines where she can award a prize to the winners.