How to Find an Unlisted Address

Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Sometime it’s necessary to find someone’s residential address. Maybe you want to send a card, deliver a gift or drop off your child for a play-date. Sometimes even work addresses are difficult to find. For example, if a person works out of a residence, that address might be unlisted for security reasons. It might take some research, but by conducting a few online searches and a little investigation, it’s possible to find an unlisted address.

Call the person whose address you need. The simplest way to find someone’s unlisted address is to call them and ask for it. Sometimes people have protected their address so well, friends and others can’t find it!

Conduct a reverse address search. One free online search is Go to this website and enter the person’s name, city or ZIP code, and state in the “People Search” box. Click the “Search” button and review the results for an address associated with the person’s name.

Search the deep Web. These search engines have web crawlers that find information often missed by traditional search engines. Conduct a deep web search through Pipl. Go to and enter the person’s name, city and state. Press the “Search” button and review the results. Look for any addresses associated with the person’s name.

Hire a private investigator. This option costs money, but if it’s imperative to find an unlisted address, retain a private investigator. To protect people’s privacy, an investigator will most likely find the address, then ask that person if they authorize that address being forwarded to you. To find a qualified private investigator, contact your state professional private investigator association.