Unique Reception Centerpiece Ideas

Mark Hayes/Photodisc/Getty Images

The centerpiece of the reception tables at your wedding should reflect the theme and style of the wedding. Elaborate floral creations in vases or candles floating in water are always beautiful, but typical reception centerpieces. Try something different like sand and shells for a beach wedding. Having a unique centerpiece will leave your guests impressed and are also great conversation starters for strangers sitting at the tables.

Sea Shell Centerpiece

If you're getting married on or by the beach, or are having a seaside themed wedding, consider using huge conch shells as a reception centerpiece, with smaller shells around it. Another option is to fill a vase halfway with sand and the rest of the way with sea shells. Another variation of this is to have a pail overflowing with sea shells.

Mini Chandeliers or candelabras

Create an elegant feel with mini chandelier centerpieces every table. You can find mini chandeliers that stand on their own with the appearance of hanging; or choose a style that has two tiny hanging chandeliers attached to a base. Candelebras are equally elegant and create a dramatic effect; just be sure to make sure no on knocks it over if you are using real candles.

Flowers in a Box

Instead of putting flowers in a vase, put flowers in a hat box with flowers overflowing out of the box. You can also use gift boxes with bows on them. Make sure the boxes are in line with your color scheme and contrast with the flowers you are using.

Mini Chocolate Fountain

A centerpiece guests will never forget is a mini chocolate fountain. Put one on every table, with milk chocolate, white chocolate and even pink colored chocolate if you like. Have platters of fruit, pound cake brownies and marshmallows surrounding the fountains, and make sure to include a fondue fork at every place setting.