Unique Gifts for Doctors

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Doctors are probably the closest thing we have to superheroes. They seem to know everything, have everything and need nothing. It's terribly hard to find a gift for someone who has everything! This sort of dilemma requires some creative thinking and unorthodox measures to give a meaningful present that will make a lasting impression.

Useful Gifts

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The first and most practical way of choosing a present is to consider its usefulness. Thinking about what your doctor needs and could use is often a good place to start. Doctors usually wear a white lab coat with only just a touch of personal style. A subtle accessory could be a nice touch to a doctor’s apparel, as well as serving as an icebreaker and conversation piece for patients. Consider a tie with pictures of medical instruments, toe tie-tag, syringes or x-rays. A necklace with a caduceus charm; a pin in the shape of the rod of Asclepius, the ancient Greek god of healing, or even a skull could add a unique touch to your doctor’s lab coat. Doctors often work long hours and appreciate stress relief. Consider giving an item that brings a sense of relaxation and calmness to the office like a healing plant or flower such as aloe or arnica. CDs with shamanistic music, a session with a masseuse, or a ticket to a yoga class or spa may also be greatly appreciated by your doctor.

Fun Gifts

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Sometimes the best cure is a good laugh. Many creative and humorous gifts that cater to the humor of the medical field are available. Depending on the type of doctor you are buying for, you can take the humor in many different directions. For example, there are stuffed animals of every bacteria, virus, organ, nerve and disease available online. You can also have one custom made with a name and text of your choice. There are also hundreds of comic posters and cartoons with hospital and patient themes your doctor can hang in her office. If you prefer something more interactive, a gift of Newton's cradle, a chessboard with a skeletal-pieced theme, a book of riddles or proverbs centering around life and death, anatomy puzzles, or a documentary on new and/or unorthodox medical practices or anomalies could really entertain your doctor's brilliant mind.

Beauty Gifts

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A simple elegant gift is sometimes the best way to convey true gratitude. Some ideas include paintings in the theme of medieval medicine ,which included astronomy in their practice, or works from Bramante or Michelangelo who helped design hospitals in Italy. Small sculptures of great doctors, healers and scientists could also be appealing. Some examples include Einstein, Nostradamus, Aristotle or Isaac Newton. Depending on your doctor, you may want to consider him giving gifts from Eastern medicine and philosophy like a bonsai tree or a small rock garden. Also appropriate would be beautiful glassware filled with healing herbs or oils like gingko biloba, ginseng, gotu kola, frankincense or myrrh.