Unique Bridal Shower Games

by Kimberly Ripley ; Updated September 28, 2017

Bridal showers are a pre-wedding tradition---a gathering of female friends and family members of the bride and groom, complete with gifts, food and sometimes even entertainment. Liven up the gang at the next bridal shower you host by engaging the guests in some unique bridal shower games, for some photos and memories no one will soon forget.

Lingerie Game

Ask all the ladies invited to the bridal shower to bring one article of their own pretty lingerie. Designate one person to collect the lingerie as the guests arrive. Stash it all in a large decorative party bag. For the game, assemble everyone in a circle around the room.

Pass the bag around, and have each guest lift out a piece of lingerie. Provide everyone with a pencil and slip of paper. As each piece of lingerie is pulled from the bag, ask the guests to write down whom they think it belongs to. After everyone has written down her guesses, have everyone reclaim her own lingerie. Tally up the guesses.

Let's Make a Deal

If you remember the old daytime game show called Let's Make a Deal, you'll immediately get the idea behind this bridal shower game. This isn't a one-time game played at a specific time during the shower, but rather a sort of ongoing game throughout part of the shower. It will elicit lots of interest and likely lots of laughs.

The party host generally runs the show during a bridal shower, so she should be the one to run this game. Intermittently stop whatever is going on from time to time, and ask the guests if anyone has a random, often bizarre, item in her purse. For example, say, "Okay, ladies, we're going to take a quick break. I have a beautifully wrapped gift in my hand, and I'll give it to the first one of you who pulls a pair of pantyhose out of your purse." Have a list of unusual, but not unheard-of, items and a small prize to reward the "deal maker."

Pantyhose & Oven Mitts

This game is both unique and hilarious at the same time. It's an especially fun game if there are older ladies in attendance. Line all the guests up in a row or in a circle. Give everyone a pair of oven mitts and a pair of knee-high pantyhose. Set a kitchen timer and see how long it takes each guest to put on a pair of pantyhose.

If you don't want to invest in enough sets of stockings and oven mitts for everyone to participate at the same time, perform the exercise in groups of four or six. Record the times of each guest and then move on to the next group. The person who beats everyone else's time wins a prize.

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