Unique Birthday Cake Ideas

You're tired of making a plain sheet cake for your child's or spouse's birthday. So, how can you make that birthday cake more interesting for the next birthday celebration? Why not try your hand at making a birthday cake that your party guests will not soon forget? There are lots of unique birthday cake ideas for both children and adults.


Whether you are looking for a unique birthday cake idea to fit your child's interests or just a generally unique idea, Disney's Family Fun website has plenty to choose from.

You can turn what would be a typical round cake into a unique princess cake for your princess's next birthday. The cake itself becomes the dress when you stick a Barbie or similar doll in the center of the cake and frost it accordingly. You can also make a "Princess and the Pea" cake by stacking sheet cakes to look like a tall bed, frosting it, and then sticking a green M&M into the side near the bottom of the bed. Lay a doll on top of the cake and you now have a princess sleeping on a pea.

Is your son or daughter fascinated with all things outer space? Then, you can make her a unique rocket cake. Just cut a sheet cake into the shape of a rocket, frost and decorate it, and then place the candles so they are shooting out of the back of the rocket, rather than just sticking them in the top of the cake.


A great way to create an usual birthday cake for an adult is to come up with a theme based on a historical event or items from his childhood.

Was the adult whose birthday you will be celebrating around for the first moon landing? Create a unique birthday cake for him that is shaped like the moon and has little astronauts planting an American flag in it.

Did the birthday girl used to be a hippie? Create a cake that resembles the van from Scooby Doo, complete with a funky flower design.


If you need a fresh birthday cake idea for someone you don't know that well or maybe you just want a generally unique birthday cake idea, there are lots of creative birthday cake ideas that will work for almost anyone of any age.

Consider creating a birthday cake made from a bunch of cupcakes. You can arrange the cupcakes into many different shapes, frost them with funky colors or put letters on top of them to spell out words.

Frost what would otherwise be a regular birthday cake with a funky design. You could make a cake plaid, polka dotted or even paisley. Your imagination and patience are your only limitations.

Consider making the birthday cake in a new flavor rather than a using a creating a new design. There are lots of recipes for different cake flavors on the Internet that you can use. Just be sure that you test them before you prepare a cake to serve to others.