Types of Shaving Cream for Women's Pubic Hair

If you don’t want to suffer the pain of waxing or the high cost of laser hair removal, shaving is the next best way to remove hair in your pubic area. However, different types of shaving cream are better for this delicate area than others.


Do not try to shave using soap in your pubic zone—this will cause uncomfortable bumps and rashes, or even ingrown hairs.

Pre-Shave Oil

Pre-shave oil lessens the drag of the razor against your skin and thus prevents razor burn and chapping.


Try a moisturizing shave gel to give you a smooth, close shave and prevent irritation at the same time.


Look for a medicated shave cream with aloe vera to reduce redness after shaving and to keep your skin smooth after hair removal.


Scented shaving gel or cream is tempting, but keep in mind that if you have sensitive skin, added scents will irritate your skin more than a cream with no fragrance.

Bump Treatment

If you do end up with razor bumps or ingrown hairs, treat them with a solution made for after-shaving treatments. Fragrance-free moisturizer works well, too.