Types of Panties


0:00 I'm here to solve a mystery for you if

0:02 you've heard of all the different kinds

0:03 of panties and you have no idea what

0:05 anybody's talking about I'm going to

0:06 clear it up

0:07 so to start one of my favorites we've

0:10 already talked about commando commandos

0:12 nice seamless laser-cut and this one's a

0:14 thong

0:15 and they do make a short as well if you

0:18 don't know what a girl or a boy short

0:19 looks like like this it's straight

0:25 across the top and when you put it on it

0:27 looks pretty straight across the bottom

0:28 as well it's usually a little bit cheeky

0:31 so that means your bottom is coming out

0:34 and it's a little sexy without showing

0:38 way too much it's more coverage than a

0:40 thong but it sometimes is sexier here's

0:45 just your basic brief this is a great

0:49 brand they're called on gossamer and

0:50 it's really stretchy and seamless for a

0:53 panty it's not going to be as seamless

0:55 as commando but it's a nice option it

0:59 has a full seat and this also comes in a

1:04 high-rise so if you don't like the

1:05 low-rise and you want it to come all the

1:07 way to your natural waist it does exist

1:09 on gossamer also makes a nice thong this

1:14 one is really stretchy and seamless as

1:16 well and it has a skinny back and if you

1:20 think it's uncomfortable you'd be

1:21 surprised

1:22 much more comfortable than you'd imagine

1:28 this one here is the world's most

1:31 popular thong this is hanky panky it's a

1:35 stretch lace and it stretches a lot more

1:38 than you think they come in one size

1:40 fits all the lace is smooth and it sits

1:43 across nicely because it's an elastic

1:46 and a stretch lace and it doesn't cut in

1:49 like a regular waistband might now the

1:51 back might look intimidating to you

1:53 because it seems like a lot to be

1:55 wearing for a thong but the beauty of

1:57 hanky panky is it doesn't ride up it

1:59 just sits on top so it doesn't make you

2:03 uncomfortable the entire time lastly we

2:06 have the g-string very very small amount

2:11 of underwear this is it

2:14 you really need something that's almost

2:15 not there but to be honest this shows up

2:19 more than the commando panties this is

2:21 more just for sex appeal