Types of Men's Shirts

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Men have an elaborate choice of shirts when it comes to getting their wardrobes together. Shirts are made for comfort, dress, sports and work, but sometimes are used for proposes other than what they were original made for. Sports shirts for dress and undershirts for going out are just a few examples of how versatile men’s shirts can be.

Dress Shirt

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The long-sleeve, button-down collar dress shirt is one of the more expensive of all the men's shirts. This type of shirt comes in many designs and colors. It is lightweight and sleek with crisp lines. It is often worn under suits and sports jackets and usually with a necktie. It can be tapered to fit the body' every curve.

Sports Shirt

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The sports shirt comes in long or short sleeves. It is the same as a long-sleeve dress shirt, but it is but much looser fitting. It can be worn with jeans and is often substitued for the more expensive dress shirt when worn under a suit. It is also the style used in many uniforms, both in military and blue collar jobs.

Polo Shirt or Golf Shirt

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The short-sleeve polo shirt or “golf shirt” is casual, but can also be considered a little dressier then the other short-sleeve casual shirts. Made famous by polo players in Europe and golfers in the U.S., this shirt is a favorite for men throughout the warmer months. It has a collar and three or four buttons on the front top of the shirt.

Team Jersey

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The team jersey was made popular by sports teams. This shirt usually has the name and logo of the sports team along with the number of a specific player. It has become a popular casual shirt, especially at sporting events. This shirt has a crew neck or slight v-neck.


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A T-shirt is a staple for most men’s wardrobes. This type of non-collared shirt was originally made to be worn as a piece of underwear. Through the years it has developed into the most popular outerwear shirt. It comes in many colors and material. The ability to use this shirt for displaying art, names, advertising and anything else that can be duplicated in print has made it even more popular. This shirt offers comfort, being light and flexible. It is a shirt you can wear to work as a tradesman or to bed in place of a pajama top.

Men's Jersey

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A men’s jersey is a long-sleeved, non-collared shirt. It is a pullover, having no buttons. It is a semi-fitted shirt. This is usually a solid shirt but can come in patterns. A sweatshirt has a crew collar and is made of a thicker absorbent material. It is loose-fitting and is sometimes worn with a collared shirt underneath, much like a sweater. This is also a pullover and can be found in the home of most American men.


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The tuxedo shirt is a formal specialty shirt to be worn underneath a tuxedo. This is not a shirt that is used often; it is worn in the wedding party or to an opera and always covered by a tuxedo jacket. This shirt has long sleeves, buttons down the front and is usually white in color. It is pleated down the front and has a collar that is usually closed tight with a bow tie.