Types of Jeans for Women

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There are many types of women jeans. In fact, with so many different styles available, jeans and some women experience a love-hate relationship. The secret to selecting well fitting jeans lies with understanding the different types.


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Cut, rise and wash differentiate women jeans types. You will save time, money and frustration by knowing these distinctions.


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Cut refers to the jean's leg shape. Boot-cut and flare-leg jeans flare at the bottom; straight-leg and skinny jean's legs do not.


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Fit relates to how the jean sits on the body, particularly in the seat and thigh area. Slim and regular jeans fit tight in the seat and thighs. Relaxed and loose fit jeans - as the names state - are roomy.


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A jeans' rise refers to where the jeans fall on the waist. Classic rise jeans fall at or just below the belly button; high-waist start above the belly button; low and ultra-low rise jeans fall well below the belly button.


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The term "wash" denotes jean color and finish. Original denim is dark and stiff. Stoned and dirty wash jeans are pre-washed, worn-looking and soft. Dirty jeans appear tinged beige, brown or khaki. They are tattered looking with the tactual quality of stoned and dirty washes.


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Consider your body type when purchasing jeans. Straight and skinny jeans flatter a slim and straight body figure. Women with fuller hips and thighs benefit most from boot-cut and flare-leg jeans.

When determining the best rise, low and ultra-low rise jeans fit best on straight, lean bodies. Natural and medium-rise jeans work with all body types. High-waist jeans look best on women with long waists.

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