Types of Game Booths at a Carnival

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Throwing a softball hard enough and accurate enough to hit and trigger a target which releases someone into a tank of water is an example of a popular carnival booth. Carnivals have been around for a long time, and new games and rides are always being added to keep people interested. Carnivals are great fundraisers for organizations such as churches and schools.

Hitting, Throwing or Tossing Games

Tossing a small hoop around a stuffed animal or throwing a suction dart at a target are both popular game booths at carnivals. Probably the majority of game booths at carnivals involve hitting, throwing or tossing something in order to win your prize. One fun idea for a throwing game is a wet sponge or shaving cream pie toss. Have someone stick their head through a hole in a piece of wood and taunt the crowd. The onlookers pay to throw the sponge or pie at the person's face.

Providing a Service

Providing a service is another fun booth type for carnivals. In the service category you could include: tattoos, nail decals, face painting, hair striping and balloon sculpting. Another great idea is a Jail. If your carnival is for a school, you can put the school principal, a teacher or a parent into the booth for a price, for example one ticket. A ticket must then be paid for the release of the "jailee". Another booth could be to stripe people's hair with washable hair sprays.

Pick and Choose Games

Selecting one lollipop from a lollipop tree will reveal what prize you have won. Each lollipop has a different color on the end of it which corresponds to your prize. Selection games require no skill or coordination, just plain old luck. They are especially good games for little people who cannot accurately throw things yet, but love being able to play a game and get a reward. A sand box with hidden prizes to dig for is another great booth for toddlers.

Guessing Games

Guessing how many gumballs are in a bowl is a type of booth game that anyone can play. They just need to say a number and hope they are right. If you guess the correct number or are closest to the correct number, you win a prize. Whatever the bowl or jar is filled with, the winner gets to take home. For example, you could fill the jar with pennies or nickels and the winner can take money home.