What Types of Clothes to Wear in Italy in June

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There's far more to Italy than frescoes, Ferraris and fashion, but make no mistake about it -- Italians take beauty and aesthetics seriously. To avoid sticking out like a sore thumb during a June visit, ditch the waterpark-style wear and shoot for a sophisticated, summery look.

Climate Considerations

Pack light, layerable options. June is generally one of the most pleasant months in Italy weather-wise. Throw in a light cardigan or jacket to toss on over your daytime dress or, for guys, pants. Leave the shorts at home -- you'll rarely see an Italian in shorts, even when it's brutally hot, and June's temperatures are usually mild.

Making the Museum Circuit

If you’re taking the grand tour of Italy for the first time, it’s likely you’ll be visiting some of its renowned churches and museums. Modest clothing is required in most of these institutions – don’t pack miniskirts, T-shirts with potentially offensive language or images, or tops that bear stomachs and shoulders. If you don anything deemed inappropriate, you may be handed a hospital-gown-like garment or even asked to leave.

Beach Time

June is prime beach time in Italy, and seasides are less crowded than in July and August. Most anything goes on Italian beaches – many men wear Spandex swimsuits and women often sunbathe topless. Women will blend right in wearing two-pieces. Guys, you may give away your“foreigner” status wearing long swim trunks, but they'll generally make the cut if you stay away from ultra-bright or Hawaiian-style prints.